Residential Outdoor Wrought Iron Fences

Our fences provide the perfect protection for your property, while increasing your homes value and curb appeal. Our fences are custom made and fabrication in Canada. We follow all city by-law rules and ensure our fences are within city standards. Learn more about how we can help with your fencing project.

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Residential Fences

Fences are a great option to help secure your home and all value to your property. Our team works with you one on one to ensure you receive the best customer service, we have various options that can fit your budget and requirements.

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Commercial Fences

Chamak Steel specializes in commercial fence projects. We ensure all specifications are met with city permit and by-law requirements, we work closely with contractors in all areas of development. Contact our team today for your fencing needs.

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Custom Fences

Our custom fences transform your home into an elegant and modern masterpiece. Chamak Steel can design your fences with any design you require, from super luxury and fancy to simple and modern.

Fences for all your residential needs.Serving the GTA since 1988.

Chamak Steel has been manufacturing fences since 1988. We develop all of our products in-house to ensure the best quality possible for our fence products and services. Our team ensure everything is within your requirements and city by-law standards before we proceed with development. Learn how we can help develop your fence project.

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Custom Fences designed for you. Pick and choose your own design.

Chamak Steel has various designs for all your fences. Pick and choose any design you find suitable for your home. Protect your property and increase value in your home. We work directly with you and provide recommendations on the best possible fence design and ensure we are there with you each step of the way. Our team of experts have various designs that we can show you to create a custom and unique design.

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Commercial Fences. We do it all, find out how we can help.

Commercial fences created specifically to meet your project requirements. Our team of experts work directly with general contractors and vendors to provide the best quality fence products and services. We ensure city by-law requirements are met and everything is installed in accordance with industry standards. Get in contact with our team today for a free fence quote.

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