Security Gate

Folding Security Gates

Folding security gates are a great feature for protecting your business entrances and windows. They can be easily folded and put to the side to avoid any impact to your business operations.

Our security folding gates are available in white, grey, and black paint. Security folding gates blend in with the environment and can be easily used by your staff during closing hours to secure your retail business.

We provide free quotes for all security projects, find out more and contact us today.

Commercial Security Gates

Custom Security Solutions

Chamak Steel has been specializing in custom security solutions since 1988. We work with many business owners and contractors to provide security options to help protect retail property and assets.

Pick and choose from a wide range of security gates for your retail business. We can make any type of design and ensure it is within your project requirements.

Our team is available to provide a free quote for any break-ins that have occured at your business, we will assess the situation and provide a security recommendation.

Security Gate at store

Lower Insurance Rates

Security door gates and window gates provide protection for your retail business. Did you know they also help lower your insurance premium rates?

Having your retail store protected with our security gates, provide assurance that your property and assets are protected, which in turn helps lower your insurance rates.

Let your insurance provider know that you have security installed on your doors and windows, which could qualify you for a lower rate

Industrial Security

Avoid Break and Enter

Having security gates on your door and windows, makes it less easier for intruders to break in and enter your property to steal your assets.

Our security gates discourage intruders from breaking and entering your business. They allow for enhanced protection against objects and provide security.

Learn how we can help protect your retail business and assets today.