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Commercial Window Bars

Chamak Steel specializes in custom security solutions for your business. We has been developing and installing window bars since 1988 across the GTA.

Window bars are a fixed piece of steel installed onto your window panels, this helps protect your business and keep out intruders.

During the winter months, police response rates are lower due to bad weather. Window Bars create a barrier for your business, and discourage intruders from breaking in and stealing your assets.

Commercial Window Bar Security

Solid Steel Window Bars

Chamak Steel works directly with you to custom create your window bar security solution for your business. Our team of experts review your needs and provide ideas and recommendations.

Our team visits your location, reviews the layout, and provide a custom security recommendation. We take care of the manufacturing, panting, and installation.

Pick and choose any design and color for your project. We are avaialbe anytime to ensure you can keep your business safe

Industrial window bars

Protecting your Business

Window Bars help protect your staff and your property. We work directly with you to ensure minimal impact to your business operations.

Our window bars are customized and created specifically for your business and window layout. We can work on many custom design and solutions.

Learn More about how we can help protect your business.

Indoor Window Security

Business Security

Are you a business owner? Do you have assets that need to be protected? Afraid that the police will not respond in time for any break ins?

Chamak Steel has been assisting businesses like you since 1988. We provide various security solutions to you. Window Bars are a feature that help protect your business exterior from burglars.

Contact us today for a free quote for your window bar security solution.